72 parasol franck0860

April 28 to June 26, 2016


J.MAYER.H’s works seamlessly navigate between the analogue and the digital. The resulting architecture seems neither to be created by a mere algorithm nor does it appear to be the exclusive output of an author. Rather, his buildings are a contemporary reflection on the relations between body, space, technology and communication.

Repeatedly, this revolves around the questions as to how architecture can operate in surroundings flooded by streams of information and how it can render visible, and render legible to the user, the permanent transformation of the digital present precisely on account of its own immobility.

Career, background and highlights of J.MAYER.H’s building activities are extensively presented in Berlin for the first time. More

Fig.: METROPOL PARASOL, redevelopment of Plaza de la Encarnación in Sevilla, Spain, 2004-2011, photo by David Franck


72 Mittelstaedt Raue

July 8 to August 28, 2016


Ingo Mittelstaedt and the Peter Raue collection

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Haus am Waldsee the Berlin photo artist Ingo Mittelstaedt (b. 1978) has worked with the extensive, previously unpublished private collection of the well-known lawyer and art expert Peter Raue.

Beginning with David Hockney’s series The Blue Guitar (1975), Mittelstaedt’s main concern is a total installation addressing the subject of seeing, collecting and recycling objects as well as ideas from a contemporary perspective. More

Fig.: Ingo Mittelstaedt, How do we know what isn’t so? at abc - art berlin contemporary, 2014, detail, photo by Bernd Borchardt 


72 Familiensamstag I

Sat. June 25, 2016, 2 - 5 pm

Family Saturday

From our guest book:

"We like the exhibition very much. Good luck for the future and we hope to see many more of this amazing structures a little bit of everywhere."

Jürgen Mayer H. in converstation with Interview Magazin (in german)

Jurgen Mayer H filmstill



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