Holiday academy “Experiment! Architecture, Sculpture, Ornament”

Ferienakademie Barkow Leibinger_HaW

Twelve young participants spent three days of their summer holidays at Haus am Waldsee. After an introduction to the exhibition with architects Barkow Leibinger, they were declared “architects” themselves by Meryem Berker and had to design imaginative buildings on graph paper.  Inspired by the material studies and numerous project models in the “Revolutions of Choice” exhibition, the youngsters built their own models. High towers, elliptical buildings with gardens, high-rise buildings with swimming pools and green roofs were created from cardboard, wire, toothpicks and colourful paper. We would love to realise them all on a large scale and create the city of tomorrow!


Ferienakademie Barkow Leibinger_2_HaW

Photos: Haus am Waldsee