Johanna Diehl – 
The truth resides in the folds

29.11.2019 – 23.2.2020

„The one who has once begun to unfold the fan of memory will continue to find new links […] no image will suffice for he can see that it can be unfolded, and only in the folds does the truth reside […].“ (from: Walter Benjamin, Das Passagen-Werk, transl.)

At the end of November 2019, Haus am Waldsee will open the first solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed Berlin-based photo artist Johanna Diehl (*1977). Freely inspired by Walter Benjamin, she develops her work out of the idea that the essence of history lies in the folds of memory. Diehl traces the hidden in Europe’s recent memory. She finds convincing images and surprising forms of presentation.

Initially, the artist was interested in exploring architectural testimonies such as synagogues that were half-destroyed and rededicated to parking lots or storerooms in Eastern Europe, telling of past geopolitical conflicts. Her focus was on the question of the identity of today’s Europe. In recent series, biographical references have come to the fore. Diehl is particularly concerned with the traumas of the Second World War, which until today have continued to have an effect over several generations.