Carla Guagliardi and Simon Faithfull – Weightless

Carla Guagliardi and Simon Faithfull


11.1. – 22.2.2009

For the exhibition “Weightless” Haus am Waldsee brings together two artists who reflect on life and its intrinsic conditions from diverse vantage points. The British conceptual artist and draughtsman Simon Faithfull (b. 1966) is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of the world, the conquest of gravity and time. His own vanishing into space is a recurring motif. It is in a scientific manner that the Brazilian sculptress Carla Guagliardi (b. 1956) investigates the body as a pulsating unity. Operating with an aesthetically simple method, she demonstrates pressure and counterpressure in closed systems.

Guagliardi and Faithfull produce tangible pieces. They create situations of weightlessness in their works, which, in Guagliardi’s case, tilt towards the wondrous while in Faithfull’s case they slide into the narrative. Both artists have distinguished themselves in their respective countries of birth in numerous exhibitions and have been recognized with stipends and awards. In “Weightless” they will be presented for the first time to a wider audience in Germany. They both live and work in Berlin but also in London and Rio de Janeiro respectively.