Haus am Waldsee will continue its exhibition programme with a focus on international contemporary art with five German, one American and one Russian artist in Berlin in the year 2020. One female architect and two female sculptors are the counterpart to four male painters, architects and sculptors. As in previous years, various media, painting, sculpture, and architecture of a generation born predominantly in the 1960s and exhibiting worldwide, will have their say. In terms of content, they centre around marketing language and fake news, architecture for robots and humans, cosmic visions in the age of technical expansion, and around the poetry of nature, which has created its own geometries in flower and seed buds for millions of years, which could form the basis for a sophisticated sculptural practice today. All exhibitions are curated by Katja Blomberg, Barkow Leibinger is planned alongside Ludwig Engel. All exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive events and educational programme. A catalogue will be published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König for each exhibition.


Bernhard Martin – Image Ballet

13 March to 7 June 2020

For his solo show, painter Bernhard Martin (*1966, lives and works in Berlin) creates a major cycle of works titled “Le Mot” (“The Word”) specifically for the ground floor rooms at Haus am Waldsee. These works are based on a form of language as it is used by influencers, at press conferences or during state visits, and how it transforms into attitudes of exaggeration. To visualize the linguistic changes that lead to fake news, Martin uses a style of painting without ductus. With humour and vehemence, his paintings call for a new perception of language. His older works, which are shown on the upper floor of the building also deal with language in the medium of painting.


Barkow Leibinger – Architecture between Men and Machine

19 June to 30 August 2020

With the exhibition Barkow Leibinger – Architecture between Man and Machine, Haus am Waldsee wants to honour the work of American-German architect couple Frank Barkow (*1957) and Regine Leibinger (*1963). This is the fourth time after GRAFT, Haus Rucker&Co. and Juergen Mayer H., that an association of architects anchored in Berlin, which operates globally, and is particularly close to the visual arts, is going to be presented at Haus am Waldsee. The exhibition concentrates on Barkow Leibinger’s pavilion construction and the development of new materials and space organisations in relation to automated production processes in industrial companies, which are also used by people. 


Berta Fischer, Björn Dahlem, Naum Gabo – Cosmic Utopias (working title)

11 September to 29 November 2020

One hundred years after the publication of the “Realist Manifesto” by the Russian constructivists Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo, Haus am Waldsee brings three outstanding sculptors – Berta Fischer (*1973), Björn Dahlem (*1974) and Naum Gabo (1890 – 1977) – into an exciting dialogue about ideas of the future. The three female artists have unusual materials, scientific references and the concept of form as a dynamic space-time construct in common. Furthermore, analogies to scientific research, especially astrophysics, form another common basis of their works. All three artists are internationally acclaimed and live or lived in Berlin.


Christiane Löhr – Sculptures from Blossoms and Seeds (working title)

11 December 2020 to 7 February 2021

Unprecedented in contemporary sculpture, Christiane Löhr (*1965) uses exclusively renewable material for her sculptural works. Her delicate spatial sculptures of various forms are built from materials like horsehair, grasses, blossoms, or seed clusters. She is particularly interested in the transformation process of her unusual source materials into delicate and therefore all the more daring spatial events. The former master student of Jannis Kounellis at the Dusseldorf Art Academy lives and works in Cologne and Prato, Italy. In her first institutional solo exhibition in Berlin, works from the 2000s to the present can be seen. All works are created on site and specifically for the rooms in the Haus am Waldsee.