9.7.2023, 1–9 pm



1 – 3 pm
Luise Bichler
Plant shape and plant colour
Children‘s programme

What colours are created from corn poppies, ribwort plantain or an avocado seed? For the summer festival, we will watercolour with plant paint and trace the shadows cast by plants.


3 / 4 / 5 pm
Juliette Blightman
Once more…with feeling

A performance in the Waldsee with synchronized swimmers from Schwimm-Club Wedding 1929 e.V. Once more … with feeling originally conceived by Juliette Blightman and The Performance Agency in Basel in 2022 takes on its second iteration at Haus am Waldsee.


3.30 pm
Cakes of Despair
Culinary Performance

Cakes of Despair is an act, a sensation, a meeting point, and a communication tool. For the Sommerfest it takes the shape of two tasty scarecrows, standing in the middle of the garden, covered over and over in cookies, meringues and caramels for the guests to enjoy.


6 pm
Bob Kil
Is, Bob
Performance with Ashley Temba

A performer is framed by another performer, depicting a dynamic reminiscent of the apparent convention between a singer and their dancers. In the performance questions of authenticity and adaptation are pitched against one another through movement and text. 


7 pm

Offering is an ongoing research/experiment exploring grief in the collective through sound, live performance and oral archives. Each iteration extracts from the previous one, reacting to the performance space, audience and the body in its present moment.


All day
Nina Beier & Bob Kil
All Fours
Sculpture and performance

On September 16 and 17, Haus am Waldsee will showcase All Fours, a piece by Nina Beier and Bob Kil, featuring five marble lions and five performers at its lakeside. As part of the Sommerfest, Bob Kil will present an intro around the sculptures.


Also: Delicious offerings by Café at Haus am Waldsee