Thomas Rentmeister – More

Foto: Bernd Borchardt

Thomas Rentmeister


2.3. – 29.4.2007

The solo exhibition “Thomas Rentmeister – More“ at the Haus am Waldsee contains an exclusive selection of new works by the sculptor, who has called Berlin his home for three years now.

Rentmeister’s works take as their subject the uncritical hedonism of our time. He questions the vulnerability of existence and verifies art’s claim to perpetuity, finality and clarity. At the same time, the concept of pleasure also plays a pivotal role in his large-scale works. Rentmeister thus not only addresses the observer optically in his use of chocolate spread, peanut curls or hen’s eggs for his artistic or constructivist sculptures, but also conveys a tactile and olfactory message. And, although the observer’s revulsion limits are sometimes challenged, Rentmeister never crosses the line. His preference for directing critical questions at society in a sneering, rather than aggressive artistic fashion is indicative of his generation.