Veronika Veit
“Dirt as a pet” 2020

Veronika Veit, Dirt as a pet, 2020, FullHD film, 3:01 min


The video clip “Dirt as a pet” is about a young couple who have divided their household duties. He does the laundry, she cleans. Both feel at a disadvantage and no longer accept their stereotypical roles as woman and man.

Veronika Veit (*1968), lives and works in Munich. Veit studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1989 to 1995. For her objects, sculptures and installations, some of which she combines with computer animation and sound effects, she was awarded the Bavarian State Prize for Fine Arts in 2006. While Veit dealt with everyday objects in her earlier works, posing the art-historical question of the relationship between image and object, in her more recent multimedia installations she focuses on people. She traces similarities and differences, insecurities, poses or peculiarities. Since 2010, she has been making video films whose stories initially seem amusing and entertaining. Behind them, however, lurks a dangerous, sometimes unconsciously violent interaction between people.

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