Symposium “Revolutions of Choice?”

Symposium “Revolutions of Choice?”

Regine Leibinger, photo: Haus am Waldsee

Discussing the experimental in architecture, industrial design, architecture teaching and building policy in an unbuilt space was something special on the last weekend in August.

The high dome of a hanging beech in the park of the HaW defined a place of protection and concentration for over sixty participants. The fact that the six speakers – the urbanist, futurologist and moderator of the day Ludwig Engel, the architects Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger, the industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, the professor of art and architectural history Philip Ursprung and the Senate Building Director of Berlin Regula Lüscher – also had to speak without pictures was a challenge that everyone was happy to take up in this summer of improvisation.

The symposium itself was an experiment!The day was accordingly relaxed with very clever, free-flowing presentations, good discussions, stimulating breaks and a concluding short summary, which demonstrated how narrow the scope is today for the experimental, which in a dynamic society makes innovation possible in the first place. Applause and enthusiasm, while around the dome tree the numerous exhibition visitors strolled in the sculpture park and children chased through the undergrowth with the tasks of our art educators. Thanks to everyone who was there and contributed or listened attentively. Thank you for this constructive and extremely inspiring late summer day.


Philip Ursprung and Frank Barkow, photos: Haus am Waldsee

Konstantin Grcic

Ludwig Engel and Konstantin Grcic

Regula Lüscher