Corona Journal: Tobias Rehberger from Frankfurt

Corona Journal: Tobias Rehberger from Frankfurt

We have asked artists around the world, who are close to Haus am Waldsee through exhibitions, what their situation is like at the moment.

Tobias Rehberger is one of the most internationally connected sculptors in Germany, especially in Asia. In 2019, his exhibition at the Haus am Waldsee was called Inspiration is a little town in China.

Here his report from 23.3.20:

Here in Frankfurt, too, everything has unfortunately slowed down a little.

I’m in the studio as usual (even the children work here), but some of the staff preferred to work from home. That makes everything a bit more cumbersome. Especially the head. Of course, the uncertainty is the most exhausting thing for everyone and there are of course a few projects I’m working on that I don’t know how and if they will continue. At the same time, it’s a strange (despite good) feeling that people are just returning to work in China and everything is starting up again. 

I haven’t reached an inner standstill. Although I’m not afraid (last weekend I was still in South Korea, where things are much less hysterical and much more organised), I’m afraid that the side effects of the crisis will be much more dangerous and worse than the virus itself. Perhaps, one has to fear the contagion of thoughts more than anything…


Tobias Rehberger, photo: Swatch