Corona Journal: Markus Jeschaunig from Graz

Corona Journal: Markus Jeschaunig from Graz

Markus Jeschaunig, Photo: Studio Markus Jeschaunig

We asked artists around the world, who are close to the Haus am Waldsee through exhibitions, what their situation is like at the moment.

The architect and artist Markus Jeschaunig, born in 1982, explores in his artistic work the interrelation between culture and nature. His work “The Weather Project” has been installed in the sculpture park on the Waldsee since 2018.

This is his report from Graz on 30 March 2020:

Yes, the state of emergency is drastic, I constantly ask myself how it will change political structures, decision-making processes and living environments. The Austrian government takes everything very strictly, they do it very professionally and calmly, which is good.

That leads me to working from my home office, of course. Working is a little difficult without a studio. But you have a sense of calm and focus. During the first gardening and tree pruning outside I can get lost in my thoughts. I like that a lot.

Due to cancellations and postponements of all art in public space projects and exhibitions, I am now in a very precarious situation as an artist. It is worrying that cultural life has been the very first to end. I ask myself, what exactly could the active role of artistic thinking play in such a situation?

The somewhat calmer mind is moved by thoughts about how quickly social measures can be implemented in the event of a direct threat. After all, my artistic work revolves around such decision-making processes. At the same time, clean air, patterns of animal movement in cities, a decrease in emissions, and clearer water are also poetic thought openers. What a chance a system restart can also bring to throw off old ballast instead of returning directly to business-as-usual. In any case, I find it impressive how the people in Graz stick together very closely and take the situation very seriously from the very beginning.

Markus Jeschaunig, Foto: Studio Markus Jeschaunig

Markus Jeschaunig, The Weather Project, 2018