Corinne Wasmuht

Corinne Wasmuht’s large-format paintings of recent years open up new dimensions of perception. The artist, who grew up in Argentina, creates multidimensional pictorial spaces that are familiar to us through the always possible presence of the non-simultaneous and different in the use of electronic media. Light, time, colour, architecture and nature play a special role in her painting, as does an extensive archive with countless photographs. From the collage-like combination and composition of the photographic material Wasmuht develops (formerly by hand, today with the computer) the motifs for her painting, which she transfers to the painting ground as preliminary drawing at the end of the decision-making process.

In 2006 Corinne Wasmuht was part of our big anniversary exhibition on 60 years of Haus am Waldsee “Anstoß Berlin – Art makes World”.