William Engelen

With his experimental approach, William Engelen, who was born in 1964 at Weert (NL) follows the tradition of the New Music of the twentieth century – walking in the footsteps of John Cage and Morton Feldman, in particular. With each of his various scores, Engelen does not only enable a listening and viewing experience that is free of all hierachy, but his works also line up with the beginning of Paul Hindersmith’s and Ernst Torch’s “Phonographen-Konzert” that was first performed in Berlin in 1930, and they continue the concept of the happening to this day.

Over the past ten years, William Engelen has used chocolate bars, the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag, rubber plants, diaries, growling stomachs, or weather data as foundational parameters for his compositions. His works stretch from the Big Bang to the chocolate dreams of his own childhood.