An online art performance with Clemens Krauss

An online art performance with Clemens Krauss

Clemens Krauss, Kunstraum Innsbruck, 2019

With his performance project “Isolation Consultation”, the visual artist, painter, doctor and trained psychoanalyst Clemens Krauss spoke to people online in over 180 individual psychoanalytic sessions of 50 minutes each, reflecting on the extreme situation of the immediate present, but also on life in general. The project ends on 3 May 2020.

Clemens Krauss, born 1981 in Graz, Austria, works as an artist on the notion of the contemporary human being as a performative embodiment of social and media experience. In his numerous international exhibitions he has not only shown paintings, which as wall paintings are often site-specific, but has also performed his consulting hour performance in analogue space. At Haus am Waldsee, Krauss had his first institutional solo exhibition in Germany in 2009 with “Waking Up“. In January 2020, he returned from a three-month study visit from Shanghai, where he had already had to follow initial restrictions since December 2019.

Out of the situation of restricted freedoms and a threatening pandemic, the artist has captured a general mood, which he communicates in short videos. His clients came from all over the world, from Europe, Asia and South America. Conversations were conducted in German, English and Spanish. From the point of view of both the artist and the psychoanalyst, a unique reflection on an extraordinary, global condition emerged.


Interview with Clemens Krauss in the programme FAZIT on 2 May 2020 on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.
Talk in the programme kulturWelt on 5 May 2020 on Bayern 2.


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