Presentation by Harald Welzer “Everything could be different”

Presentation Harald Welzer

The social psychologist Harald Welzer impressed in an almost 90 minutes long speech nearly a hundred listeners with his suggestions on a car-free city of the future, basic income and free public transport. His book “Alles könnte anders sein.” (Everything could be different) was the starting point. Much of what threatens the climate could be solved by rethinking the status quo and lead to a fairer overall situation. Provided that each individual takes his or her first steps, changes habits, questions the self-evident and rethinks the common good.

“Futur zwei” is the name of the foundation Welzer founded ten years ago in Berlin. How will we have acted? Will we have given fantasy and creative action a chance? Or will we continue to pursue the idea of unhindered economic growth? In conclusion, there was a good conceptual link to the exhibitions at Haus am Waldsee. With contemporary artists, the question of the new, the unfamiliar and the different is repeatedly posed. Using a specially invented alphabet, Tobias Rehberger quotes Max Frisch’s questionnaire on his curtain designed for the Haus am Waldsee: “Are you afraid of the poor?” Question and form transcend the boundaries of the familiar. Harald Welzer, who spoke in front of the curtain, was visibly enthusiastic about the approach.