Thomas Rentmeister

In the works of the sculptor, born in 1964 in Reken/Westphalia, everyday objects and materials are brought together in a way they usually rarely encounter each other: Frying pans and minimalist column shafts, mountains of sugar and egg trolleys, tablecloths and tampons, paper handkerchiefs and bookshelves.

Full of ironic wit, Thomas Rentmeister confronts the viewer with his own reality of life as a consumer. In terms of content, he practices artistry with subtle humor. On the formal level, Rentmeister explores the boundaries of sculpture anew, moving in the field of tension between the sculptural traditions of the 20th century: between constructivism and minimalism, pop and concept. (…)

In his works he always argues on an emotional, material and intellectual level at the same time. With humour, he focuses on contrasts and surprises while keeping his distance even as a person. He leaves individual experience to the viewer, who, in the sense of Donald Judd, is allowed to experience the random sensual reality of art as the only reliable reality.

In 2006 Thomas Rentmeister was part of our big anniversary exhibition on 60 years of Haus am Waldsee “Anstoß Berlin – Art makes World”.