14.7.2024, 1 – 8 pm

Free admission
Exhibition 8 / 5 Euros


1 pm
Start of the Sommerfest in the garden
The exhibition and the café are open from 11 am.


2 – 4 pm
Luise Bichler
Tataki Zomé – plant print with hammer
Offer for children/families

Print fabric with flowers, leaves and grasses! In the Japanese technique of Tataki Zomé, the colour and shape of plants are transferred to fabric by hammering. Textile works of art are created from ribbons and pieces of fabric.


3 pm
The Gray Voice Ensemble
… sings children’s music

Members of the Gray Voice Ensemble sing music for children from the balcony: songs about shoes, swings, the sky, goat necklaces, tooth fairies and chocolate coats.

The Gray Voice Ensemble is an interdisciplinary community choir project in Berlin that was founded in 2013 by composer and artistic director Elisabeth Wood. The ensemble sings songs created through the collective authorship of The Anonymous Writing Group/Albert McCloud. The compositions work decidedly with the idiosyncratic qualities of amateur musicians. Previous performance venues have included Schinkel Pavillon, Uferstudios, SPOiLER Aktionsraum, Tropez im Sommerbad Humboldthain, Volksbühne Berlin, District School without Centre, Museum Ludwig Köln.


3 – 7 pm
Niclas Riepshoff
Installation & Performance

An ornamental hermit has moved into the garden of Haus am Waldsee, along with a hermitage. In keeping with historical traditions, the hermit will inhabit the English landscape garden throughout the summer as a “Living Jewel.” Performer: Littleton Odom.

Niclas Riepshoff (*1992 in Bremen) addresses cultural-historical themes in his sculptures, installations, performances, and drawings that continue to influence our present in various ways. Based on keen, critical observations of his everyday life and immediate surroundings, he continually expands his repertoire of materials, media, and techniques. Personal anecdotes and site- and context-specific research play an essential role in the development of new works, in which he explores themes such as normativity and precarity, life stages like childhood and old age, and questions of coexistence from a queer perspective.

His works have been exhibited at Kunsthalle Mannheim (Mannheim, DE), Harburger Kunstverein (Hamburg, DE), KW’s Pogo Bar (Berlin, DE), Kunstverein München (Munich, DE), Almanac Inn (Turin, IT), and Belvedere 21 (Vienna, AT), among others.


4 and 6 pm
TDD Bon Appétit
Under the fruit trees
Culinary intervention

Cherry pie, cherry pit spitting, watermelon and Çerez: TDD invites you under the fruit trees in the front garden.

TDD is a Supper Club founded in 2007 by Gülsüm Güler & Inci Güler. Gatherings and culinary interventions mostly take place in temporary used buildings, where a restaurant atmosphere is created. Team members are working in the field of art, food, design and education.TDD creates plant based seasonal food with a twist, usually for and with artists and guest cooks. Bon Appétit! 


5 pm
Jenny Erpenbeck
… about Christine Lavant
Reading (in German)

Jenny Erpenbeck reads from her very personal book about Christine Lavant, one of the greatest German-speaking poets of the 20th century.

Jenny Erpenbeck (*1967 in East Berlin) publishes theatre plays, short stories and novels, including Heimsuchung, Aller Tage Abend and most recently Kairos. She has received the Thomas Mann Prize (DE), the Premio Strega (Italy) and most recently the International Booker Prize (UK) for her work. Her books have been translated into 30 languages. The author lives in Berlin with her family.


7 pm
ML Buch
Live Concert

The composer, guitarist and singer ML Buch plays a concert by the lake at sunset.

ML Buch is a Copenhagen-based composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist. In her compositional practice ML Buch sketches up her music in an almost architectural way. The raw material is generated through immersion in playing and assembling as a way of triggering random magic. Her live performances are reflective of her love of combining 7-string electric guitars in open tunings with synthetic instruments and electronic experiments.

ML Buch has performed at the likes of ICA (London, UK), Volksbühne (Berlin, DE), Pitchfork Paris Avant-Garde (Paris, FR), Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, Denmark), ZDB (Lisbon, PT) as well as performing as part of Laurie Anderson’s Talking Choir project.


In addition: Delicious offers from the café in the Haus am Waldsee


The Sommerfest is supported by:


The installation and performance by Niclas Riepshoff were generously supported by the Kemmler Foundation and the Karl Meyer Group.


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